DPM Gullwing Windscreen on a Yamaha MT-09

DPM gullwing windscreen yamaha mt-09


To change the look of my Yamaha MT-09, I bought the "Gullwing" windscreen of DPM. It's made of aluminium and is mounted to the already existing mounting points of the MT-09.

This windscreen has only visual purpose. I didn't notice a difference in wind protection after mounting it to my bike.

The windscreen is mounted firm to the bike and does not wobble while riding.


Note: This windscreen doesn't come with a Vehicle Type Approval.

Items delivered DPM Gullwing
Items delivered DPM Gullwing


For mounting the 4 screws in the head of the Yamaha MT-09 are used. 2 metal holder are fastened to the bike and the windscreen is mounted to them with the delivered screws.

yamaha mt-09 head
4 mounting points of the MT-09
dpm gullwing holder yamaha mt-09
metal holder for the Gullwing
dpm gullwing yamaha mt-09
mounted DPM Gullwing windscreen

Comparison Images

The looks of the own motorcycle is determined by each user differently. I made some comparison images so that you can see the change in looks, if you mount a DPM Gullwing windscreen to your MT-09.

Yamaha MT-09 Front
Yamaha MT-09 front
Yamaha MT-09 Front dpm gullwing
Yamaha MT-09 front with DPM Gullwing

Yamaha MT-09 head side
Yamaha MT-09 head side
Yamaha MT-09 head side dpm gullwing
Yamaha MT-09 head side with DPM Gullwing

Yamaha MT-09 side
Yamaha MT-09 side
Yamaha MT-09 side dpm gullwing
Yamaha MT-09 side with DPM Gullwing

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