manual duke 690 2015

To get information about how to work on your machine, you should take a look in your bikes manual.

In the case of 690 Duke there are topics like:

1. Service plan

- in which intervals you need to do which maintenance

2. Check and adjust your chain tension

3. Removal and installation of the wheels

4. Tightening torques and when to use which screwlock


repair manual duke 690 2015

For more in depth work or to get a more precise description of the working steps you can often buy a repair- or service manual for your bike.

Here you can find topics like:

1. Check and adjust the valve clearance

2. Remove and install the shock absorber

3. Disassemble the fork

4. Circuit Diagrams


torque wrench proxxon

To get the tightening torque on your bike right, you need a torque wrench. A wide range of torques need to be applied to various parts of your machine. This torque range cannot be handled by only one torque wrench. Therefore you need to get multiple wrenches.


screwlock loctite

Besides getting the tightening torque right, you might have to apply the correct screwlock. Which screw gets which screwlock is described in the manual or service manual of your bike. Especially on more vibrating bikes like the KTM 690 Duke, you don't want to work without screwlock.


chain degreaser lube motorex

Use chain degreaser and chain lube to give your chain a longer mileage.

paddock stand motorbike

If you have a bike with a sidestand, it starts with the standard chain maintenance: How do I lift the rear wheel?

For that and for a lot of other work on the bike you get a paddock stand. On the picture you can see the variant of a single paddock stand for each wheel. There are also center paddock stands, which raise your bike from a center anchor point.