KTM tank bag on a Duke 690

KTM tank bag duke 690
KTM tank bag on a Duke 690


On long trips it's handy to have a tank bag on your bike. The KTM tank bag is mounted to the bike via three straps. Therefore you don't have to put velcro pads or filler cap mounts onto the motorcycle. It has four pockets for your stuff: Two on the side, one main pocket and a pocket in the lid. By opening an internal zipper you can increase the size of the main pocket.

The bag itself is not waterproof. Because of that KTM provides a cover which has a transparent part on the top so you can still see your satnav or map. You won't be able to access your pockets anymore when the cover is on though.

A feature I like a lot is the ability to transform your tank bag into a backpack. By opening a zipper you can seperate the bag from its mount, get two belts out of a hidden pocket and attach them to the end of the bag so you get a backpack.

While having the tank bag mounted you can still do fueling: Disconnect the plastic clips of the two straps at the drivers seat and flip the tank bag over your handlebar. It will stay in that position and you can access the filler cap for fueling. After that's done flip it back, connect the plastic clips of the two belts, fasten them and you are good to go.

lid pocket KTM tank bag
Lid pocket of the tank bag
main pocket KTM tank bag
Main pocket
side pocket KTM tank bag
Side pocket

cover KTM tank bag belly pocket
The cover is placed in the belly pocket
cover KTM tank bag
Protection of the tank bag against rain
cover KTM tank bag rubber bands
The cover is secured by two rubber bands

unzip KTM tank bag mount
You can unzip the tank bag from its mount
KTM tank bag mount
Tank bag mount
KTM tank bag without mount
Tank bag without mount

plastic clips backpack belts KTM tank bag
With those plastic clips you attach the backpack belts
backpack belts KTM tank bag
Backpack belts are hidden in a compartment under the main pocket
KTM tank bag transformed
Transformed tank bag

KTM tank bag backpack
Wearing the transformed bag
belt KTM tank bag
For fueling open the plastic clips on both sides
KTM tank bag filler cap
You can flip the tank bag over the handle bar and access the filler cap

Mounting to the Duke 690

To mount the tank bag to your bike you first have to lay the bag on the tank. The strap loop has to point to the handlebar. This strap is put around the steering head between the two triple clamps. Make sure that you put the tank bag as close as possible to the ignition lock so you can sit close to the tank. After that the two straps with the plastic clips and loops at their ends are attached to the frame and then clipped to the tank bag. Finally all straps are fastened and that's it.

KTM tank bag
KTM tank bag ready for mounting
strap loop KTM tank bag
The strap loop points to the handlebar
KTM tank bag strap steering head
The strap has to go around the steering head between the triple clamps

strap loop frame
By using the loops you can attach the straps with plastic clips to the frame
KTM tank bag strap
The straps are clipped to the tank bag
KTM tank bag mounted
Finally all straps are fastened


All in all I'm very pleased with this tank bag. It's easy to mount and dismount, you can flip it quickly to fuel up and it is mounted sturdily to the bike. It didn't loosen up while riding. The material and build quality are very good. Unfortunately the bag itself is not waterproof and with the cover attached you cannot access its pockets anymore. A nice feature is the ability to use it as a backpack for trips on foot.

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    Lukas (Mittwoch, 16 Mai 2018 13:14)

    Thank you for this. Helped me today when i was fitting bag to ktm 990 smt :)