Nolan N86 Helmet

Nolan N86 left
Left Side
Nolan N86 front
Nolan N86 right
Right Side

My Own Impressions

Usage time: Jul. 2016 - Jun. 2018


Usually I use size M helmets and this one is no different. The N86 has an normal fit without any special features.

While using the N86 over these 2 years the inner lining of the helmet widened a bit so that the fit is not as tight as before but it's nothing that would make this helmet not usable anymore.


1. Wide field of view

Compared to my previous helmet, a LS2 FF-something, the N86 has a nice wide field of view.


2. Integrated Sun Visor

The visor has a nice tint and helps a lot to keep your vision at bad light conditions. The handle of the visor on the side of the helmet is easy to operate and sturdy. The visor itself is big enough to cover my whole field of view and it has an anti fog coating out of factory which works very well.


3. Pin Lock Visor

The pin lock visor is also big enough to cover my field of view. I still use the factory pin lock visor and it works without any issues.


4. Rainproof

The N86 was rainproof on all my rainy rides and protected my head from getting wet.


5. Tending the inner lining

The N86 is easy to disassemble. This is also important if you plan to install a communication system. The inner lining can be removed completely and be cleaned if needed.

Nolan N86 inner lining
Inner lining of the N86

6. Air System

The N86 has a good air flow control system. The Slider (1x chin, 2x forehead) can be found and operated really easy during the ride. There is a noticeable difference between air channel open or closed. This way the helmet can be used from spring to autumn. For winter the helmet is too cold even with all air channels closed.


The Nolan N86 is well equipped, reasonably priced and is overall a very good helmet for its class.